Prof. Dr. Timothy KUSKY

Prof. Dr. Timothy KUSKY

Prof. Dr. Timothy KUSKY

China University of Geosciences | China

Tim Kusky is a field based structural geologist and tectonicist who focuses on Precambrian orogenic belts, convergent margin systems through time, and neotectonics, with experience in numerous Archean cratons of the world, plus the Appalachians, circum-Pacific belts, Asia, Middle East, and Indian Ocean realms. He completed his undergraduate studies and M.Sc. at the State University of New York at Albany during its heyday as a leading institute in tectonics, and completed his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Johns Hopkins University. This was followed by post doctoral studies at UCSB, and faculty positions in Houston, Boston, and St. Louis in USA. Kusky is now the Director of the Center for Global Tectonics at China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, China where he has built a team focusing on Precambrian crustal evolution and ore deposits, subduction zones and ophiolites, deep Earth physical processes and experimental simulation, accretionary and collisional orogenic belts, and numerical modelling, with a recent focus on the Tethysides. Major contributions include models for cratonic formation, evolution and destruction, geological evidence for the operation of plate tectonics on the early Earth, integrating remote sensing and GIS for mapping and exploration, numerical modelling of geological processes, and understanding the role of ridge subduction along convergent margins. Kusky has authored more than 300 SCI papers, and authored or edited more than 30 books on tectonics, geological hazards, mineral deposits, environmental geology, and an Encyclopedia of Earth and Space Sciences.


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