Prof. Dr. Peter A. CAWOOD

Prof. Dr. Peter A. CAWOOD

Prof. Dr. Peter A. CAWOOD

Monash University | Australia

Peter Cawood is a field geologist whose research is concerned with the evolution of mountain belts and the insight they provide into Earth processes. He undertook his undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Sydney, followed by post-doctoral and faculty positions in New Zealand, Canada, Scotland and Australia. He is currently an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow at Monash University. His research contributions include: the role and timing of initiation of plate tectonics in the early Earth and continental crust generation; innovative studies on how the supercontinent cycle has biased the rock record; a new model for the deformation and stabilization of convergent plate margins and relations to collisional mountain building; and the application of microanalytical techniques to unravel the provenance history and paleogeography of sedimentary basins and orogenic belts. He has undertaken a number of leadership roles including Head of Departments in Australia and the UK, Director of the John de Laeter Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry, Director of the Australian Research Council funded Special Research Centre in Tectonics, and chaired the Earth Sciences panel of NERC, UK for the last three years. He is a past President of the Geological Society of Australia and he has received the Carey Medal from the Geological Society of Australia and the Mawson Medal from the Australian Academy of Sciences. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2012.

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