Prof. Dr. Irina ARTEMIEVA

Prof. Dr. Irina ARTEMIEVA

Prof. Dr. Irina ARTEMIEVA

University of Copenhagen | Denmark

Irina Artemieva is professor in solid Earth geophysics at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She was awarded an M.S. in Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow and a Doctor of Science (dr. habil.) degree from the University of Copenhagen. Professor Artemieva has worked as a researcher at the Russian/USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, at the Universities of Uppsala (Sweden) and Strasbourg (France), and as a Senior Researcher at the United States Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. Professor Artemieva is the author of a recent 794 pages-long monograph with Cambridge University Press “The lithosphere: An interdisciplinary approach” (2011), co-editor of several special volumes, including a 734 pages-long Elsevier volume ”Moho: 100 years after Andrija Mohorovičić” (2013), and (co)author of research papers on diverse aspects of continental dynamics and lithosphere structure. Artemieva’s most significant contributions to geophysics have been (i) the only global thermal model of the continental lithosphere; (ii) the digital model of the tectono-thermal ages for the continents; (iii) recognition and numerical evaluation of the amplitude of compositional signal in seismic elastic and anelastic tomography models and in gravity models for the continental upper mantle; (iv)  recognition of non-representativeness of xenolith sampling, based on numerical separation of thermal and compositional heterogeneity in continental lithospheric mantle; (v) evaluation of lithosphere growth rate since the Archean and its relation to global tectono-thermal events; (vi) regional databases on crustal structure in Europe, North Atlantics, and Siberia. Irina Artemieva was Science Co-ordinator of the European Science Foundation/International Lithosphere Programme EUROPROBE program 1999–2001, and since then is the active member of the International Lithosphere Programme, TopoEurope, and the Danish co-representative to EPOS. She is a member of the Academia Europaea, a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and of Royal Astronomical Society, London. She is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Geodynamics, Associate Editor of Techtonophysics, Nature Research Communications and Geophysical Investigations (Russia), Advisory Committee Member of  Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, and was Associate Editor of  Solid Earth (EGU) and Journal of Geodynamics. She is also a member of various national panels in solid Earth geophysics, including national panels in Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, and various research assessments in USA, Canada, Sweden, Russia, and France.


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