Prof. Dr. Claudio FACCENNA

Prof. Dr. Claudio FACCENNA

Prof. Dr. Claudio FACCENNA

Università Roma TRE | Italia

Claudio Faccenna is a solid Earth Scientist with a broad spectrum of interests around geodynamics. Initially trained as a structural geologist, he devoted most of his career on understanding processes that govern continental tectonics and mantle convection over geological timescale. His cross-disciplinary expertise ranges from field-based studies to experimental modelling. He set up and he is leading the Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics at the University of Roma TRE, a well established geodynamics laboratory. Between his main scientific contributions and achievements, it is worth mentioning: i) the analysis of subduction process using experimental modelling and natural cases; ii) the reconstruction of the history of subduction back in time in the Mediterranean using tectonics, tomography and modelling; iii) the definition of a mantle convection beneath continents and mobile belts; iv) the analysis of topography on continents as constrained by tectonic geomorphology and modelling. He is involved in several European Initiatives. He is responsible of several of national and international research projects and he was main PI of the ITN Marie Curie TOPOMOD project. He is Author of more than 200 scientific papers.  He is coordinator of the PhD school of Earth Science at Roma TRE and he has been invited to give talks and short courses in European and international universities. He served as Editor for Tectonics (2014-2017) and now as Editor-in-Chief of G-Cubed. Member of the Academia Europaea, he received the AGU Fellowhisps (2017), the von Humboldt Research award (2015), the Stephan Muller medal from EGU (2014), the Prix Viquesnel from the Societé Geologicque de France (2013) and the Premio Galileo (2010).


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